Check back often for items up for grabs that are truly one and only. We are always creating one-off things that we think are worth having a peek at. It might be just what you were looking for!

Our one and only

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inverted barrel centrepiece

This little gem is what we like to call rustic elegance. Handcrafted from an antique barrel and stained to give it a touch of class, this centrepiece can be dressed up in many different ways. Change the contents seasonally, use it to pile high with fruit or fill it up with wine corks. This piece is all yours to make your own.

(37" Long, 10" Wide and 8" High)


rusty Barn board mirror 

Mirror mirror on the wall, this is the fairest mirror of all! The century old barn board may look rugged and worn, but its look is soft with many shades of greys and browns. What makes this mirror so unique is the rusty orange colour splashes thanks to a near by rusted hinge. Comes ready to hang vertically or horizontally.

Outside dimension: 18.5" x 55"


There's something about barn board that just says home. Cozy and welcoming, this mirror is finished perfectly with 45 degree corners, bringing rustic and modern together. It comes ready to hang vertically or horizontally. Big enough to make a statement, small enough to fit anywhere.

Outside dimension: 21.5" x 42"

the "fits anywhere" mirror